Tasting of Vermentino and Chianti at the Spinetta Casanova Winery

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Visit the Spinetta Casanova Winery in Terricciola, Pisa and discover local Tuscan and Piedmont wines with meats, cheeses or a traditional lunch option The Spinetta Casanova Winery, born in 2001 and owned by the Rivetti Family for over 25 years, is best known for it's experienced production of local wines. Located between Pisa and Volterra in the region of Terricciola, this winery produces unique Tuscan wines far from those with more common flavors and aromas found everywhere else in the world. Since 2001, all of the old grapevines that produce Cru wines have been collected and replanted with various native vines including Sangiovese, Colorino and Vermentino. Today the property is composed of 60 hectares of vineyards and about 10 hectares of olive trees. Parts of the original winemaking facilities have been restored, and in 2007, the company's third facility was opened - its first in Tuscany - with six thousand square meters of top-quality technology immersed beautifully in the Tuscan landscape.
The experience and the offer
Cassanova Winery is a gem perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape rich with vineyards. During the visit, you will learn about the technique and technology of the winery along with the philosophy that guides its wine production.Because there is also an olive oil producing facility on the grounds, during harvest season, it is possible to see the olive cultivation and production process and even to taste the fresh oil. Otherwise, it is possible to extend the winery visit to explore the vineyards as well.
There are three available tour options:
- 6 Tuscan wines with meats and cheeses
- 8 Tuscan/Piedmont wines with meats and cheeses
- 8 Tuscan/Piedmont wines with lunch (homemade Martelli penne pasta with meat sauce, Florentine steak and traditional Tuscan biscotti)

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Visit a winery with one-of-a-kind Tuscan wines, Taste Tuscan and Piedmont wines including Vermentino and Chianti, Enjoy a meat and cheese tasting or a full Tuscan lunch


Visit to the Spinetta Casanova Winery, Tasting of 6 or 8 Tuscan and/or Piedmont wines including Vermentino and Chianti, Full Tuscan lunch option (homemade pasta with meat sauce, Florentine steak, Tuscan cookies)

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For private visits of the first two options, there is a 50% increase in price. To make the request for a private visit, please email support@musement.com

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