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Join this guided tour of Mantua, a very fascinating and yet little-known town in the Lombardy region enlisted by UNESCO among the World's Heritage. The origins of Mantua date back to the Etruscan time, when Mantus was a god of Hades. Here was born the great Latin poet Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro 70-10 B.C.). Visiting Mantua, walking along the old town heart is like stepping back in time.Taking part in this private walking tour led by an expert local guide, you will have the chance to explore downtown Mantua and get to know its history, the most important monuments, palaces and square which represent the real soul of the town.You will see St. George's Castle, built by Francesco Gonzaga between 1395 and 1406, which became one of the most important examples of the Italian Renaissance when Andrea Mantegna painted the very famous Camera degli Sposi (The Bridal Chamber).Your guide will take you to visit Piazza Sordello, the main and most ancient nucleus of Mantua. This is where the town was born and this square still represents the most important place in town, with its dome (Duomo di Mantiva), Palazzo Ducale and the other palaces dating back to the Middle Ages.Among the other attractions, you will also see Piazza delle Erbe (The Herbs Square), which represents the main market place in town since the Middle Ages, it also still hosts part of the weekly market on Thursdays. Here you can admire the beautiful Palazzo della Ragione (the palace of justice) and the oldest church in town, called La Rotonda, that was built back in 1082.Another great building you'll see in Mantua is the famous Palazzo Te, one of the most beautiful villas in Italy and a masterpiece of the Mannerism. It was built by Giulio Romano between 1525 and 1535, as a suburban residence for Federico II Gonzaga. You will definitely be fascinated by its history and architecture!Ready for a tour which will leave you with a sense of astonishment and new fascinating knowledge? One final tip: you might want to bring along your camera!

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Walk by the famous San Giorgio Castle, where the most famous artwork of Mantua (Mantegna's camera picta) is kept, Visit Piazza Sordello, Mantua's most beautiful square and symbol of the Renaissance harmony, Admire the most important church in town, the Duomo (dome) of Mantua, and the majestic Palazzo Ducale, Walk to Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient - and still modern - commercial center of the town, with its typical "botteghe" and open air bars, See the stunning Palazzo Te, one of the most beautiful villas in Italy and a masterpiece of the Mannerism style


Tour led by an expert guide

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Food & drinks, Entrance tickets to museums/churches/palaces(in case you decide to visit some of them, you can buy your ticket on the spot)

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  • Please note that this tour does not include entrance to sites which require an entrance fee
  • The tour will take place even when it's raining. In the event of an exceptionally heavy rain the tour may be cancelled and you will be given a full refund
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