Winery tour and wine tasting at La Raia in Gavi in Piedmont

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Purchase this wine tour with Musement. Visit La Raia, biodynamic winery in Piedmont, and taste three different selections of Gavi, famous local white wine. La Raia Estate produce certified organic wine and wheat, Elena, Piero and Irene will introduce you in the biodynamic philosophy.The estate extends over 180 hectars, including 42 of vineyards, 60 of fields and the remaining are pastures, chestnut, elderflower and acacia woodlands protecting numerous species of wild animalsLa Raia produces three kinds of multi-awarded Gavi D.O.C.G. – Gavi, Gavi Riserva Vigna della Madonnina and Gavi Pisé – and two kinds of Piemonte D.O.C. Barbera. The cellar has been thought and built with an ancient environmentally friendly construction technique called Pisé. This technique harmonises with Piedmont’s gentle hills that surround La Raia.Outside from the winery, a new experience waits for the visitor. This is possible thanks to the Fondazione La Raia-arte cultura territorio which, through a project titled Nel Paesaggio (within the landscape), has commissioned three artworks to the artist Remo Salvadori. The works are inspired by La Raia’s architecture, its surroundings and its unique landscape in which vineyards, grazing and woodlands alternate along gentle hills. So, the pieces Continuo infinito presente, Nel momentoand Sabato piantare il cipresso, the fourth garden realized by Salvadori, represent a sort of guidance for observing spaces and nature in a different wayThe tour ends with a tasting of three or five of our labels that takes place inside the cellar during wintertime and close to the estate’s lake in spring and summer time. Wines are served with local organic products and courses prepared by the best “taste artisans” of the area, using the raw materials produced at La Raia, such as themonococcum einkorn cultivated according to biodynamic principles.La Raia is located in a peacefull area of Gavi and surronded by the gorgeous countryside.

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Visit a biodynamic winery surronded by the beautiful countryside in Gavi, Piedmont, Learn more about biodynamic philosophy wines, Taste three different Gavi selections, See artworks by Remo Salvadori, inspired by La Raia's architectures


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