Private tour of Turin and its historic cafés

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Discover Turin and its most famous historic cafés. Enter the fascinating places that became the headquarters of the Italian Renaissance and taste their delicious treats! Turin is the home of chocolate, "gianduiotto", "bicerin", breadsticks (the typical "grissini"), the ritual of the aperitif..and so much more!Basically, you can't visit the city without living the extraordinary atmosphere of its historic cafés. Elegant salons, smelling of pastry, that - among their velvets and fancy mirrors - have hosted artists, politicians and intellectuals for over two centuries.Following your private guide, during this tour you'll walk around Turin and enter some of the most famous and important cafés in the city, such as: Caffe 'Fiorio, Caffè Baratti & Milan, Caffè Mulassano, Caffè Torino and Caffè San Carlo.At the end of the tour, you need to try a delightful traditional "bicerin"!

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Follow your guide through Turin old town and inside some of the most beautiful and interesting cafés in the city, Discover the meeting-places of reactionaries, insurgents, but also aristocrats, artists and so on, Enjoy a coffee at Caffè Fiorio (dating back to 1780!) and enjoy a delicious "gianduiotto" at the famous Baratti&Milano


private tour, expert tour guide

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anything you'll order inside the cafés

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  • please note that this tour doesn't include any drinks/food you'll get inside the cafés (you can order what you wish, but you need to pay by yourself at the cafés)
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