Colosseum restricted areas tour with Arena, Undergrounds or Belvedere

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Dive in ancient history with an expert, English-speaking guide who will help you relive the glory days of one of the most important complexes in history! Take the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive access to the most craved areas of the Colosseum. According to availability, you'll have a guaranteed access to the Underground Hypogeum OR to the third, fourth and fifth ring of the Colosseum, also called the Belvedere area.Both these areas are restricted, therefore exclusive; demand is always high and the availability scarce, as they can host up to a maximum of 24 people for a visit of about 20 minutes each. Most people don’t get to have such privilege, don’t miss it!After this incredible visit, this tour will also bring you to the regular Colosseum areas, to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.On the Arena sand floor, beasts and gladiators fought bloody battles to entertain the cheering crowds during incredible shows offered by the Emperors to their people. After having listened to incredible stories, your guide will also accompany you along the tier that surrounds the undergrounds and shows you the cross that dominates the arena.Afterwards, descend into the deepest heart of the Colosseum and discover a whole new stage, made of narrow corridors, tunnels and complex mechanisms that still witness the ingenuity of the Romans: the Undergrounds.Reach now the highest and most breathtaking area, where you'll explore the tier reserved to the common people of the Empire. With special access to the third, fourth and fifth ring, you'll also enjoy an incredible view that goes beyond the Colosseum ancient walls and reaches the entire monumental complex, the Undergrounds below and the best parts of Rome.Once outside the Colosseum, admire the triumphal Arch of Constantine; then head to the social and political center of Ancient Rome, the Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill. Learn about politics, religion and the everyday life of a Roman citizen, while hearing the story of the she-wolf that nursed Romulus and Remus, founders of the city.

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Privileged access to the restricted area of the Colosseum with an express, skip-the-line entrance, Entrance from the underground hypogeum: see how the Romans arranged the shows in the arena (if available), Marvel at the charming view of Rome from the Colosseum third tier (if no access to the Underground is available), Skip the long lines to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill


Entrance fees, Licensed, English-speaking guide, Colosseum and Arena Floor, Underground Hypogeum (upon availability), Third, Fourth and Fifth Colosseum rings (Belvedere, if no access to the Underground is available), Arch of Constantine and Arch of Titus, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum

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Food and drinks, Pick up and drop off

Useful information

  • Due to increased security measures at the attractions, some lines may form at the entrance
  • Due to increased security measures attractions, strict rules apply to enter the venues (no knives, no scissors, no glass bottles, etc.)
  • No large backpacks or bulky luggage admitted
  • Good walking shoes are recommended (no coaches)
  • During hot days, wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun
  • On this tour, the venues or parts of them could be subject to last-minute, unpredictable closures (ongoing restoration, special events). When this occurs, we offer the customers an extended visit to the outside and/or of other attractions according to the advertised total length of the tour
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