Organic wine tasting at the PS Winery in Offida

Ascoli Piceno -

Discover the organic PS Winery in Offida, Ascoli Piceno with multiple tasting options to follow your visit. The PS Winery was born in 2010 from Raffaele Paolini and Dwight Stanford's passion for wine. The two business owners met in 2006 while doing a master in gastronomic science at the University of Slow Food. After a year of study, they decided to put their dream of producing organic wine into practice, creating their winery in a magnificent place that is still relatively unknown on a national level - Offida in the region of Ascoli Piceno. Today, PS Winery is a certified organic winery immersed in a hilly landscape amongst the slow rhythm of country life that welcomes you to discover the art of organic wine making. Taste the wines produced and meet the business owners as they come up from the vineyards after a long day at work. The wines produced here are unique and creative. Before being ready for sale, the business owners experiment with spontaneous fermentation, aging, fizziness and the drying process of the grapes. In this specialized job in creativity and genius, the business owners are open also to suggestions from visitors after tasting the wines. Moreover, in the planting phase, PS Winery decided to use not only indigenous vine varieties but also international varieties - and with excellent results.
According to the interests of the guests and the time available, the visit will include a brief history of the winery, an explanation of the philosophy of the producers, a guided wine tasting and a walk around the winery and/or the vineyards. The precise itinerary depends on your personal interests. Walking around the winery in groups, you will see the various phases of the wine making process and you will taste wine from both the steel and wooden barrels. If you choose to visit the vineyards (less common but a more fully engaging experience), you will learn about the manual labor required for wine production, the classification of the plants, the soil and much more.
The tasting will take place in an area of the winery with a stunning panoramic view, so beautiful in fact that guests often wish to remain in this area longer than originally planned, walking out on the terrace to enjoy the view from outside. Once again, the tasting program is very customizable to fit your desires.
- Tasting of two wines with breadsticks
- Tasting of four wines with a light lunch

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Discover Offida and the notable wines of the Marches region, Visit a young, adventurous and unique winery, Tast wines while enjoying a wonderful landscape, Learn about the wine making process


Tour of the winery, Tasting of fine wines

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Gold medal for the Marche Syrah lgt 2012 at the Merano Wine Festival (2015); mention as a Best New Winery in the 2016 Veronelli guide for the Offida Rosso Docg wine; excellence in the 2017 Ais Le Merche nel Bicchiere guide for the Marche Syrah lgt 2013.

The Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and other wines were equally noted with markings over 90/100.

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