Tasting of Amarone and Valpolicella wines at Zýmè in Verona

Verona -

Tour Zýmè in the heart of the Valpolicella region. Visit one of the most renowned wine cellars and taste red and white wines, Amarone and Valpolicella, meats and local cheeses. Zýmè, born in 1999 after the recovery of the ancient sandstone cave of San Pietro of Coriano, in the heart of the Valpolicella region, has a rich history that grew alongside the story of the founder and winemaker, Celestino Gaspari. Gaspari, a native of the Valpolicella region, studied agriculture and worked for over 10 years with Giuseppe Quintarelli in his business, encountering and mastering the greatest classics of the region: Amarone, Valpolicella and Valpolicella Ripasso. His devotion to an untiring search has brought him to successfully start and grow a handful of wineries until he arrived at his own perfection - Zýmè - renowned today at an international level. Zýmè, meaning "brewer's yeast" is derived from ancient Greek and is fundamental to the world of winemaking; here, it is also a symbolic element that invokes a vision of nature and fermentation, intended as a reference to continual transformation. When visitors enter into Zýmè, they are overcome by the full experience: the architecture, the history and the aroma, all leading to the moment of tasting, when it is possible to take in the typical flavors of the winery. The Offer:The guided tour will take you back in time with a story that starts from the present and reaches all the way back to the original story of the sandstone cave from the 14th century that inspired this concept. The tasting takes place on the first floor of the new building in two rooms dedicated to hosting guests, one small and the other more spacious. In both rooms, the guests can taste the wines in a luminous and relaxing environment marked by neutral colors and large glass windows through which they can admire the vineyards of Valpolicella. The seven wines offered for tasting include one white and six reds that represent the two spirits of Zýmè - one linked deeply to the territory and the other refined and cultivated by the expert winemakers. In the tasting, the wines are paired with local meats and cheeses that will compliment just right the flavor of the wines.

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A food and wine experience in the heart of Valpolicella, Tour the Zýmè cellars, one of the most interesting of the region, Taste a sampling of Amarone and Valpolicella wines


Private tour of the business, Private tasting (Amarone and Valpolicella wines, meats and local cheeses, bread, savory marmalade)

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Transportation (available upon request)

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Choose one of the three options offered:

  • WATER: Monday to Friday tour and tasting of at least 8 wines from the collection
  • EARTH: from Monday to Friday tour and tasting of at least 8 wines from the collection accompanied by platters of cold cuts and typical cheeses
  • SUN: Saturday tour and tasting of at least 8 wines from the collection

Prizes and awards:

  • Amarone Classico 2008 (96 punti – Platinum Medal da Decanter World Wine Awards 2016)
  • Amarone Classico Riserva “La Mattonara” 2004 (“Grande Vino” Slow Wine 2017; 96 punti + Faccino Doctorwine 2017; 4 stelle + Corona Vinibuoni d’Italia 2017; 4 viti + certificato d’eccellenaza Ais – Vitae 2017)
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