Gourmet Trentino grappa and food tasting at the Distilleria Bertagnolli

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Come to the Distilleria Bertagnolli in Trento for a journey of tastes and flavors with a grappa and local meats and cheeses sampling. The Distilleria Bertagnoli is located in the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg and runs its own production chain: from the selection of the grapes at the very beginning to the proper distilation of the raw ingredients to the bottling of the grappa and spirits. The "pure hearted" Bertagnolli grappa is full of perfections from the viewpoint of preserving and prioritizing only the best aromatic and sensorial components to create its top quality final products that are made without any added chemicals.The Distilleria Bertagnolli has always distilled its products using alembics and double-boiler vapor methods created by the family itself. The third generation members of the family were very forward-thinking with innovative technology. In the 1950's, they had three fundamental insights:
- In 1949, they introduced the 'Tullio Zadra discontinuous bain-marie' method of grappa production
- In 1951, they introduced into the boiler a "moving arm" to assure continual mixing to highlight aromatic elements
- In 1952, they began to use the double-boiler distillation system from oil and vapor
These methods have assured that the distillery produces only the highest quality products that bring out the natural flavors and aromas of the raw ingredients, creating a soft and round flavor in its liquors.
The multiple award winning Distilleria Bertagnoli specializes in the production of grappa and spirits certified by the Istituto Tutela Grappa del Trentino. This precious estate has been passed down and maintained for generations with passion and devotion.Tour
- Welcome to the distillery
- Visit to the first and most historic Bertagnolli Family alembic from the 1800's
- Visit to the double boiler vapor alembics created by the family
- Visit the cellar where the grappa ages for years in French barrels
OfferBertagnolli Experience Gran Riserve: sensorial course (light lunch/brunch) with pairing of grappa and local food products, served in the tasting room as follows:
- Tasting of Gran Grappino Bianco paired with local bread sticks/twists;
- Tasting of pure Grappa di Teroldego Trentino paired with Trentino speck;
- Tasting of pure Grappa di Moscato Giallo Trentino paired with a sampling of local malga fresco cheese;
- Tasting of AMA Grappa Riserva di Amarone 24 months aging paired with various Trentino cheeses
- Tasting of MOS ROS Brandy di Moscato Rosa aged 10 years in French barrels paired with a piece of “Torta de Fregoloti”, a local sweet specialty, and a piece of 70% dark chocolate.
For anyone who does not fancy grappa, there is the possibility to sample five liquors insteadPlease note:The tasting will begin with young grappas followed by aromatic grappas, then barrel aged grappas and finally the long-aged Gran Riserva grappas. Appropriate tasting glasses will be used that allow for the best appreciation of the aromas and flavors, ideal for enhancing all the natural intensites of the given grappa.

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Visit the historic Bertagnolli Distillery in Trentino, Gourmet tasting of grappa, spirits and local food products, Guided tasting experience


Guided visit of the distillery, Grappa tasting, Pairing of local Trentino meat and cheese

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