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Turin - Every Thursday

Experience Vermouth in Turin with Musement. Through a multisensory laboratory you will know more about its history and taste four excellent Vermouths. Experience the history, taste, techniques and culture of stylish vermouth in the city where it was born in the eighteenth century. On its own or as the heart of such cocktails as the Martini, Manhattan, Rob Roy and Negroni, vermouth is an aromatised, fortified wine flavoured with various botanicals. You’ll learn about its origins in ancient documents and hear anecdotes from vermouth expert Fulvio Piccinino as you taste three excellent varieties with local cuisine.Better still, you’ll be guided by Fulvio in how to create your own signature vermouth using wine, sugar, herbs and extracts. Whether yours is a red, white or amber vermouth, you’ll take it home in an elegant bottle to impress your friends.Put yourself in Fulvio’s hands, and enter the magical (but always responsible!) world of authentic Piedmontese vermouth.Two options:Experience in Italian only: EUR 28
Experience in English + whispered interpretation included through an audioguide: EUR 45

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Discover the origins of vermouth in Turin, Investigate its ingredients and create your own vermouth, Become a master vermuttier for one evening, Taste three excellent vermouths with local cuisine


Multisensory laboratory, Tasting three vermouths, Everything you need to create your own bottle of vermouth, Some samples of local cuisine, Headphones (with bilingual groups)

Not Included

Transportation, Lunch/dinner

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The activity includes the tasting of alcoholic beverages, which are prohibited for children under 18 years.

Children under 18 cannot participate in Experience Vermouth, though they can accompany their parents free-of-charge without participating.

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