Gondola serenade and dinner at Santo Stefano restaurant

Venice -

Buy your Gondola Serenade with Dinner at Santo Stefano restaurant in Campo Santo Stefano. Live a truly romantic night in Venice! Enjoy a "promenade" by gondola (about 35 minutes), the famous and elegant way to cross the Grand Canal. From the embarkation point, you will get on this special boat and you will reach the Grand Canal through small and secret canals and majestic palaces, while musicians and singers perform popular Italian songs.At the conclusion of your tour, enjoy a three-course dinner, drinks included (water or soft drink and coffee - no wine), in a Venetian restaurant. Choose between a regular or a deluxe menu.Regular menu:
- First Courses: Spaghetti with clams, Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink, Potato dumplings, Santo Stefano‘s style, Yellow & green tagliatelle with ragù (Italian meat sauce), Risotto with peas, Cannelloni (baked pasta roll) filled with ricotta and spinach, Penne with 4 cheeses sauce
- Main Courses: Mixed fried fish, Cuttlefish Venetian style with polenta (cornmeal porridge), Grilled Sea, Bass Liver Venetian style (with onions), Escalope with Marsala wine, Milanese veal chop (breaded), Caprese (buffalo mozzarella cheese with tomato), Mixed vegetables, Cheese selection
- Side Dish: Free choice on the daily menu (vegetables, chips, etc.)
- Drinks: Soft drinks and coffee
Deluxe menu:
- First Courses: Linguine (flat spaghetti) allo scoglio with mixed mussels, Tagliatelle with shrimps and zucchini, Seafood risotto, Assortment of Italian cold cuts, Potato dumplings Santo Stefano‘s style
- Main Courses: Grilled Monkfish Oven-Baked Sea Brass with potatoes, olives and tomatoes Cut of Argentinan Beef with rocket, Grilled veal steak, Grilled tenderloin, Tenderloin with green pepper sauce
- Side Dish: Free choice on the daily menu (vegetables, chips, etc.)
- Dessert: Amaretto (almond bisquits) mousse, Tiramisù, Cream Pudding, Apple-pie, Ice Cream
- Drinks: Soft drinks and coffee

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Treat yourself to a “promenade” by gondola, Experience the famous and elegant way to cross the Grand Canal, Enjoy a three-course dinner in a Venetian restaurant


Gondola ride, Three-course dinner in a Venetian restaurant

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Useful information

  • Each gondola can guest maximum 6 people
  • The seat aboard cannot be chosen but will be assigned by the gondolier depending on guests weight
  • A couple of musicians will be boarded on one of the gondolas to perform throughout the trip (there is not a couple of musicians on each gondola; to permit all participants to listen the serenade, the musicians will board on a gondola in the centre of the row)
  • All passengers dine at the same restaurant
  • Free under 2 years old only if child does not occupy an own seat
  • Any purchase at the restaurant for children under 2 years shall be paid directly on the spot
  • This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities
  • Tour does not operate in case of exceptionally bad weather or local gondolier's strike
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