Destination Italia, S.P.A. is an Italian company, listed in the Milano business register under no. 09642040969 and with registered office at Via Melzo 12, 20129, Milan (Italy) (hereinafter, the “Company”, “we”, “us”, “our”).

The Company recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy and your rights with regards to data protection. The internet is a very powerful medium when it comes to transmitting personal information; for that reason, the Company undertakes the serious task of respecting current laws regarding protection of personal data and the security of the same, with the aim of guaranteeing secure, controlled and confidential navigation for its users.

The Company can modify the current privacy policy in order to ensure compliance with current law, adapting such policy to possible new legislation.

We recommend that you read this privacy policy attentively so you can understand the terms and conditions that apply to the collection and processing of your personal data by the Company.

In accordance with personal data protection laws, this privacy policy defines the treatment, handling and means for which personal data is processed for users who access, consult the Website and/or request the Company’s services.

The User guarantees that personal data provided to the Company are correct, exact and updated, being responsible at all times to communicate any modification thereof to the Company which may in turn manage, adequately, the relation between the parties. In the same vein, the user expressly recognizes that in case s/he has not provided the correct, updated information to the Company, the latter shall not provide its Services to the former.

Pursuant to the applicable privacy laws, you are hereby informed that your personal data is stored and processed by Destination Italia, S.P.A. according to the methods and for the purposes listed below, in accordance with the methods and purposes allowed by the law.

The party responsible for the processing of Users’ personal data is Destination Italia, S.P.A. è una società di diritto italiano iscritta nel registro di commercio de Milano con codice fiscale 09642040969 e sede legale in Via Melzo 12, 20129, Milano Italia (hereinafter, the “Company” or the “Data Controller”).

The Company will collect your personal data as User using the following sources:

  • Directly from you, as you directly provide the information to the Company by compiling any registration form on the Website Such data as your name, surname, email address, phone number, etc. are necessary for the provision of the Services requested from the Company.
  • From informatic systems and software present on the Website to guarantee its correct functioning and which implicitly, during normal use, utilise internet communication protocols. This information is not collected directly to be associated with you, but rather, due to its own nature, may identify you. This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of the computers connected to the Websites, uniform resource identifiers for requests made, the time of request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the archive obtained as a response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (correct, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the operating system and the computer environment used. These data are used only to compile anonymous statistical information on the use of the Website and to control its correct functioning. The data may be used to establish liability in case of potential computer crimes damaging the Website.
  • Through the use of cookies in the Website. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer, they hold a modest amount of data specific to you and allows a server to deliver a page tailored to you on your computer, hard drive, smartphone or tablet (hereinafter referred to as, “Device”). Later on, if you return to our Website, it can read and recognise the cookies. Primarily, they are used to operate or improve the way our Website works as well as to provide business and marketing information to the Website owner.

Users’ personal information is processed electronically and/or manually, guaranteeing security and confidentiality of the same, and avoiding any type of unauthorized access. The Company guarantees that the data will be processed in accordance with established uses and strictly within the time frame necessary to comply with the uses for which it is collected.

The data furnished by the User to the Company are processed for the following uses:

  • A. The sending via e-mail of the information requested by the User.
  • B. The sending of information and advertisement material via email about Destination Italia.
  • C. Compliance with legal obligations and current law.
  • D. The collection, maintenance and processing of data to carry out anonymous, aggregative statistical analyses.

In case the User and/or Customer does not provide correct data for the uses foreseen within sections A and B the User cannot obtain the requested Services since the Company may not be able to furnish such Services.

The Data Controller guarantees that the personal data in its possession will not be released and will be processed so that the security and discretion thereof is guaranteed, in any case avoiding unauthorised access.

Personal data provided by Users and/or Customers may be communicated, for the purposes described in this privacy policy, to the following parties:

  • The Company's employees and/or collaborators that assist and advise the Data Controller on administration, products, legal affairs, and information systems, as well as those in charge of maintaining the company's network and hardware/software equipment;
  • Parties authorised to access personal data in accordance with current law.

Any user whose data has been processed by the Company can exercise the following rights by writing to the Company: i) that the Data Controller confirms whether or not his/her personal data exists in its files; ii) to determine the origin of its personal data, and the means for, and methods by which it is processed; iii) obtain identifying details from the Data Controller or from its designated processing parties, if such parties were designated; iv) determine the parties or categories of parties to which their personal data may be communicated or which may learn of their personal data in their role as designated individuals; v) anonymously cancel, modify or block processed information, as well as the update, correction or integration of such data by the Data Controller, and vi) obtain a verification that the operations referred to in point v) above have been carried out and brought to the knowledge, even as regards their content, of those to whom such data has been communicated or sent, unless this proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate use of means when compared to the right being protected; vii) oppose the complete or partial processing of personal data, for legitimate reasons; viii) oppose the processing of data for advertisement, direct sales or market or commercial research means.

The above requests must be sent to the Company at: Destination Italia S.p.A., Via Melzo 12, 20129 Milan (Italy)